Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Central Electricity Authority

Kudos to the CEA for maintaining a very good website with lot of current information on the power sector in India.

Some interesting things that I read this past weekend and thought I would share include..

A draft plan of the National Electricity Plan covering ONLY TRANSMISSION
- The one thing I liked about the executive summary is the short history of transmission in India.
The pricing and the procedure to obtain the final document titled "Perspective Transmission Plan 2011-2012 (Volume I & II) is given here.

Daily Generation Overview
- An everyday overview of the total generation in India, with split done sectorwise, regionwise and based on generation from central/state/private utilities. It also has a the plant load factors, regionwise.

Monthly Review of Power Sector
- Absolute delight to read and infer figures. Neat titles, with just the tables.

.......and many more

Bonus: A good read from our very own TERI
Mycorrhized Jatropha: Seeds of Sustainability


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