Monday, August 21, 2006

India Energy - What they say?

I did a quick search of all the top consulting firms to see if they have any recent India-focussed energy/power reports (quite a frequent thing these days I must agree). Here is what I got..

India ranks 6 in the world electricity market, and plans to add 100GW by 2012 was sure the first thing I noticed.
India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) in knowledge partnership with PWC released a paper titled "Business Opportunities in Oil and Natural Gas' during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (Jan 2006). The paper was a result of a study undertaken by PwC India Oil & Gas desk for IBEF focusing on business opportunities across the Oil & Gas value chain and an overview of the value chain viz. current developments and future scenarios for demand of oil and gas. The report seeks to strengthen investors’ confidence while looking at investment opportunities in Oil & Gas sector in India through success stories, key policy initiatives and the emerging scenario.

KPMG India
KPMG came out with the "India Energy Outlook" (2006). This report gives an overview of India's overall energy position in the world, followed by specific emphasis on the different sectors - coal, gas, nuclear energy, hydro, renewable sources, and finally reviews the present state of our electricity supply-demand situation.

Ernst & Young
Probabably the best coverage of the Indian market is done by EnY and I know that personally. Below are a few of their India/Asia focussed reports..
1. "Indian Electricity Sector - Opportunities and Challenges" - A one-page overview of the report that discusses the opportunities and challenges facing the Indian electricity sector.
2. "Indian Electricity Sector Guide" - The link provides a one-page overview of the guide. The guide that provides an overview of the electricity sector in India, the regulatory and taxation framework highlights investment opportunities available within the sector.
3. "Empowering the East & the North East" - A report on the present state of the electricity sector in the East and North East parts of India, with an emphasis for substantial investments to accommodate growing demand.
4. Strategies for Mitigating Fuel Crisis" - A one-page review of the final report, which analyses some of the options available to the Indian electricity sector as a whole, and their implications
5. "Gas Pricing & Regulation" - The final report provides an insight into the natural gas price mechanism and major reforms that have been initiated in this sector.
6. "Analysing the Growth of the Asian Market" (2004) - The final report highlights demand drivers and supply scenario for natural gas in Asia. The report also provides an insight into the Indian natural gas industry, looking at the existing regulatory framework and the future outlook for the NG industry.

Deloitte India
Nothing in public domain

Bain & Company
No relevant content

Please leave a comment if the link is broken and I will send you the report. Cheers!


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